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Introducing The Curry Monster

As I spend most of my working life "on the road" I get to sample the wares of Indian Restaurants up and down the UK. At first I thought of simply making a note of the good ones so I could go back but I thought why not share my experiences with other curry lovers. So The Curry Monster was born. Working along with my colleague Martyn Jones (The Midlands Curry Correspondent) we aim to bring reviews of the best AND the worst of Indian food across the UK. If you are new to curry a good place to start is with "Curry Facts" which gives an outline of curry in the UK. You can also check out our profiles and even submit your own reviews. So remember - if the bottom falls out of your world have a vindaloo and let the world fall out of your bottom..

Curry Facts

Mild Curries

Korma and Pasanda are mild creamy dishes

Medium Curries

Dopiaza and Bhuna are usually meduim strength but always ask.

Hotter Curries

Madras, Jalfrezi, Chilli Masala but vary by restaurant so best to check

The HOT stuff

Vindaloo, Ceylon and of course Phaal

Our Team

Steve. The Curry Monster

Martyn. Midlands Curry Correspondent

Morgan. Curry Monster Junior

Rossi (Curry Dog)

Our Reviews

North West England & North Wales

The Midlands (under construction)

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