The Curry Monster


The Curry Monster (Steve Densley)


I was first introduced to the world of curry about age 12 by the joyous product that was "Vesta beef curry and rice" boil in the bag variety. I soon moved on to cooking my own, sparking a keen interest in cookery which I still have today. I went for my first "Indian" about 5 years later at the Sarah in withington. I think I had a Rogan Josh - two of my mates had fish & chips! Since then its been a roller coaster of Indian food, good and bad up and down the UK and even a couple of trips to India to sample the real thing. I must have curry at least 4 times a week or I get withdrawal symptoms. My current record is curry for 7 straight meals over 2 days and 18 days in a row eating this spicy nectar. Hopefully this stands me in good stead to offer mu opinion on the quality of Indian food in the various UK curry houses I visit.





The Midlands Curry Correspondent (Martyn Jones)


My very first curry was at the tender age of 17 when I went to a restaurant called the Natarage. Long since gone, this establishment once stood where the now International Convention Centre sits and I cannot but wonder if the ICC is somehow structurally supported on a rogue onion bhaji hidden somewhere beneath.


I remember it distinctly, a Nargis Kebab followed by a Chicken Vindaloo, not bad for a 1st timer. Since then my curry eating has had no bounds, covering restaurant the length and breathed of the UK and as far away as Australia and New Zealand.


My record, 10 curries in 9 days at the same restaurant with one of them being my Christmas day lunch and all the very same dish, a Mince and Dhal, simply gorgeous.


I am looking forward to presenting my views on the best and worst on offer, with hopefully a few surprises on the way.


The Team

The Curry Monster Junior (Morgan Densley)


The youngest member of the team and already a curry expert. Usual is poppadoms followed by mixed kebab starter and Chicken Tikka main course - though he does like some of the spicier stuff as well. Not quite at vindaloo level yet but won't be long before he's giving Dad a run for his money (as well as spending it)